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Eye in the Sky Review

Eye in the Sky | Film Review

The new thriller Eye in the Sky has a relatively small focus but raises enormous questions about warfare today. Written by Guy Hibbert, clinic the 104-minute feature raises questions about drone warfare and the bureaucratic boundaries and legal...

Exodus: Gods and Kings Poster

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Film Review

The Imitation Game is the rare film that offers an off-putting protagonist and dares the audience not to like him. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing in this true story about a brilliant mathematician who seeks to crack the German enigma code...

Need for Speed | Film Review

For those who thought The Fast and the Furious films were too realistic, Need for Speed is the movie for you. The car drama boasts blatantly obvious dialogue, clichéd characters and a lack of reality that would be astonishing in most other...