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Sully Reviews Tom Hanks in Sully

“Sully” Reviews: Critics praise Eastwood’s new drama | Blog

Director Clint Eastwood’s newest drama offers a new glimpse into what the press deemed the Miracle on the Hudson. Check out the Sully reviews below to see if the film is worth checking out. Oscar winning director Clint Eastwood’s latest...

Sully Movie Review Tom Hanks in Sully

Sully | Film Review

The story of Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger could’ve been fodder for a predictable inspirational film that ends with the main character climatically saving 155 lives (including his own) onboard a disabled plane. But director Clint...

London has Fallen Review

London has Fallen | Film Review

The new Ghostbusters film doesn’t arrive in theaters nationwide until this summer but we just got a look at the film’s first trailer. The reboot is led by an all-female cast with Kristen Wiig, buy information pills Leslie Jones, Kate...

I, Frankenstein | Film Review

Aaron Eckhart is a fine actor who has brought gravitas to many of his films. From the bloated Battle Los Angeles (2008) to the underrated Olympus has Fallen (2013), he has enhanced pictures with his onscreen charisma and steadfast attitude. Eckhart...