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Sandra Bullock in Our Brand is Crisis

Box Office Report: Bullock and Cooper fall short on Halloween Weekend | Blog

Two star vehicles opened at the box office this weekend and two star vehicles faltered at the box office this weekend. It’s only been a few weeks since Hugh Jackman’s big production Pan opened poorly and now two more stars can add their...

Hugh Jackman in Pan

Box Office Report: “Pan” falters on takeoff | Blog

With a 150 million dollar budget, order the new family film Pan failed to lift off at the box office this past weekend, order opening with a paltry 15 million dollars. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 24%, the film was blasted by critics and unseen...

The Perfect Guy Photo

Box Office Report: “The Perfect Guy” overcomes “The Visit” | Blog

This past weekend, more about M. Night Shyamalan’sĀ  The Visit opened against the new creepy boyfriend thriller The Perfect Guy. Despite the fact that the former film earned some good notices (including from this site) and the latter film...

War Room Poster

Box Office Report: Religious film opens strong but ‘Compton’ wins again | Blog

This past weekend, healing Zac Efron, Owen Wilson and a prayerful cast duked it out at the box office. Despite the odds, the prayerful cast beat the other two new theatrical releases and opened at number 2 at the box office behind only Straight...

Fantastic Four Movie Poster 2

Box office report: The ‘Fantastic’ Flub | Blog

Despite everything it had going for it, what is ed the Fantastic Four reboot faltered at the box office its opening weekend earning an estimated twenty-six million domestically, sickness according to The film did better overseasĀ but...