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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Veterans Day Preparations

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In less than a month, buy we as a nation will be saluting our veterans on Veterans Day. Many of our listeners are vets and many others are related to veterans so this offers us a great opportunity to salute our veterans through our stations.

Celebrating our veterans would be a great way for our stations to salute some of our local heroes and that brings us to John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

I’ve recently been working with the great people in the Pittsburgh market to develop a page that salutes our local veterans and heroes. Their concept was to create a page that would a.) salute local veterans and b.) offer us an opportunity to work with local companies to say thank you to those who served our country.

Here’s what the concept looks like on a back page:

As you can see, generic the top of the page offers an introduction to the concept itself. Underneath that is a video honoring our vets (our Pittsburgh station is planning to work on a video with a local sponsor that shows that company’s appreciation for our veterans).

Underneath the video, there are spaces for four logos for up to four local sponsors.

Below that is the “Listeners Salute.” In this section, we’re going to include three columns of messages that our listeners submitted about particular veterans they want us to salute. Right now, that section is full of a reprinted military story I found but as you can see, there’s a space for photos of vets above a text area that will be filled with messages we received from our listeners.

Beneath that is a “Volunteer your Time” banner. Out Pittsburgh station is trying to coordinate with a local home or facility that serves veterans. This ad will link to that companies’ site.

At the bottom of the page is a section where local listeners can go in and type up a message about a specific veteran they want to salute.

We’re still tweaking the page but I think this is a great idea.

Firstly, we’re saluting our local veterans and inviting listeners to come to our sites to submit stories or messages about veterans they want to support.

Secondly, we’re offering an opportunity for local businesses to support this idea and work with us to show our love and affection for these veterans.

Thirdly, we’re using the form to build up our e-mail lists so that listeners can learn more about our stations and the good that we try to do for the community.

With Veterans Day coming up, I think this is a great opportunity for us from a personal standpoint and from a business one.

If you’re interested in having me copy this template onto your site or you want some help creating your own Veterans Day appreciation page, let me know.

This has been John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

Programming Note: I’m on vacation starting Thursday night and will be out all of next week. With that in mind, there won’t be a new tip of the week next Monday but these tips will resume the following Monday.