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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Two big opportunities in December

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Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving this year and you all ate plenty of turkey! I know I did.

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After the long weekend, search I know that coming back to the office can be a bit exhausting but we have an exciting month ahead of us, so that leads us to Monday’s Tip of the Week!

I wanted to bring your attention to two big opportunities in the month.

The first big event is the next Salem-sponsored GOP debate on Tuesday, December 15th. That is two weeks from tomorrow.

During the last debate, I know a lot of you hosted successful debate watch parties at local restaurants. That’s definitely a success we want to replicate here. Also, this week I’ll be doing some research on what we can do on the websites to cover the debates. I know some of our debate pages in September were successful in terms of traffic so we want to build off of that success.

Last time, a lot of your sites had “March Madness” brackets for the debate and a Twitter feed featuring live tweets during the debate but we’re going to see how we can improve on that for the upcoming debates.

The other big opportunity this month is Christmas so we’re working right now on developing some ideas for the holiday. We’ve had some discussions about the best ways to celebrate that holiday on our sites. I’m looking into some concepts now but I wanted to see if we could get your feedback as well.

We know that the debates and Christmas are big opportunities for our sites so we want to take advantage of these two big events to create sponsorship opportunities and build up our stations.

We’re working on a few concepts right now but we want your input. What would YOU like to see on your station sites for the debate and what thoughts do you have about Christmas promotions? We definitely want to hear from you about what ideas would work for your stations and what you think you could sell sponsorships for?

In a few days, I should have more ideas about what we can do on the sites but in the meantime, let me know your thoughts.

December is a big month for all of us so we should see what great opportunities we can take advantage to end 2015 on a great note.

This has been John’s Monday Tip of the Week.


John P. Hanlon