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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Promoting our apps everywhere we can

Happy Monday night everyone, nurse

The other day, viagra 60mg I had the opportunity to chat with Elisha Krauss, one of the three great co-hosts of the KRLA/KTIE morning show “The Morning Answer.” I was asking her about the show. When she asked me if I had listened to the show, I admitted that I hadn’t.

Without missing a beat, she told me that I should make sure to download the app to listen to the show. Even during a casual conversation, she was promoting the app and the show’s online presence.

That leads us to John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

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As we all know, listening to radio stations has changed dramatically over the years. It’s a great change and one that we want to build from by promoting our apps and the opportunities they provide. I can’t tell you how many success stories I’ve heard about our mobile apps, especially the Clip app.

I know Jennifer Alba has done a tremendous job building and maintaining these apps and we want to promote them as much as possible.

When Krauss mentioned using the app to me, it testified to the fact that as a local host, she is doing a great job promoting the app. Another great example of someone promoting apps online is Christina, one of our great staffers at our business station in Miami. She’s been asking me about promoting the app on Facebook (see the attached screenshot), where there’s an actual section on Facebook pages where apps can be promoted.

The question isn’t “are apps an integral part of our stations?” We know the answer to that. The question is “are we promoting the apps in every possible way that we can?”

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Here are three distinct questions you should ask about your station’s app promotions:

1.) Is there a link to a mobile app page in my station site’s navigation bar? If not, is there a dedicated spot (an ad spot, a rotator or a dedicated link) that will bring users to the app if they are looking at the site on a mobile device?

2.) Are my local hosts promoting the apps whenever they can? When she found out I hadn’t listened to her show, Elisha suggested the app. We want to make sure that our local hosts are following that example and telling their audiences and their friends about the app to ensure both higher ratings for their shows and a greater audience for our stations.

3.) Am I promoting the App on Facebook like Christina in Miami suggested? John Butler has been great in helping get app links and “Listen Live” links on our Facebook pages so if you want some help learning about that, either let me know or ask John. There are great ways to promote the app on Facebook. We want to take advantage of them.

These apps are becoming more and more integral to our company so we want to use every opportunity we can to promote them.

This has been John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

Have an awesome week, everyone!