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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Partnering with Regnery Publishing

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As you all know, order there are a lot of wonderful and unique divisions that make up Salem Media Group.

One of our goals this year is to build on the One World philosophy and bring some of these divisions into closer collaboration with each other. In the past few months alone, we’ve collaborated more with but there’s plenty of other divisions we can work with as well!

That brings us to John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

With that in mind. Rodney, Dan C. and I are proud to announce a great new relationship between our division and Regnery Publishing.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working with Regnery on a way to work with them to promote conservative literature on our sites and they’ve recently opened the door for us to publish excerpts of their new books on our Newstalk station sites.

Now, listeners can come to our sites to read pieces from the new Regnery books and if listeners are interested, they can even request a full free chapter of the book.

With this in mind, I’ve gone ahead and set up back pages for each of your sites that feature excerpts from the new Regnery book Defeating Jihad. (In the attached spreadsheet, you will find a link to the back page that was set up on your site.)

Additionally, we’ve uploaded a 970×250 rotator image to our media server that you can use as a rotator on your site. Here’s the link for the image (which you can insert directly into the “Rotator Editor”):

This opportunity adds some cool new content to our sites– the plan is flexible right now but we’re hoping to add a new excerpt every month or so from a different book– and it helps inform listeners about our company’s latest conservative publications.

If’ you’re open to helping us promote these excerpts (using a rotator spot or another slot on your site), please let me know. This is a win-win opportunity for our stations and for Salem as a whole.

Also, Regnery has informed me that they would love to have their authors on some of our Newstalk shows so if you (or one of your hosts) is interested in having this author– or another Regnery author– on one of your station’s shows, please let me know so I can put you in contact with the correct person.

When one of our divisions succeeds, we all do and this is a great opportunity for mutual success.

Thanks for your consideration.

This has been John’s Monday Tip of the Week!

Have a great week, y’all!