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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Holidays– They’re not just for cookouts anymore

Good afternoon, buy

I know all of you are excited about the 4th of July holiday this Saturday and so am I. The 4th is a great time for cookouts, view barbecue and getting together with family.

Like other holidays though, sickness it also provides a great opportunity for your stations.

That leads us to Monday’s tip of the week!

There are a few big holidays that we all celebrate throughout the year that our listeners are interested in.

It would be great if we took the opportunity of these holidays to promote surveys or contests associated with them.

With the 4th of July, it’s a great time to have ask listeners how they celebrate the holidays through a survey or form (that encourages listeners to sign up for your newsletters). Maybe you could even partner with a local BBQ joint for a contest that would promote that restaurant AND get listeners engaged on your site.

Even the dreaded April 15th– tax day– is a great time to have a contest or survey. I know that Triton Digital had a big tax day contest so if you know a big holiday is coming up, you can reach out to them about such a contest or even focus locally on a contest that your station can manage.

If you can find a way to promote your station around a holiday, it’s a great opportunity.

I know it might be late to do a big promotion for the 4th but I recently had our designer create a great pop up ad that you all can use on your stations for this weekend. It’s celebrating the holiday, wishing our listeners a wonderful day and promoting our newsletters.

That’s a win-win-win.

I’ve attached it to this e-mail in case you want to use it.

If you want some help putting it up on your site (I would say run dates should be Friday through Sunday, if you have the space, and you should limit the ad to only once per day per user), let me know. It’s just a chance for us to celebrate our Independence Day on our sites.

This has been your Monday tip of the week!

Hope everyone has a great upcoming holiday weekend!