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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Client Synergy (Coupons for everyone)

Good evening, healing

We’ve recently been discussing ways that we can work closer with our advertisers and clients. One of the ideas we’ve discussed is collaborating with our advertisers to promote a coupon or deal that these companies would offer to our listeners.

That leads us to John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

A coupon promotion would let advertisers promote themselves on our sites while encouraging our listeners to sign up to receive exclusive coupons.

Here’s a sample page showing what something like this would look like:

The goal here is to encourage listeners to visit our websites to receive a station-specific coupon from one of our clients. (I’m a big fan of Dunkin’ Donuts so I used them for our example.)

If a listener comes to the page linked above, information pills they would receive a coupon for a dollar off a bagel and cream cheese if they fill out the form. The form is simple enough: we’re simply asking them for their name and for their e-mail address. For that information, pharmacy they receive a coupon both on the page itself AND via e-mail (we can send the coupon to them in an e-mail).

Try out the form yourself and see if you like it. (Note: Don’t use the coupon though. It expired in 2012.)

If we promote these coupons on air, we bring listeners to our sites. Those listeners fill out the form and the client is able to get some e-mail addresses through the promotion. The clients then see that the promotion is working and ask for more opportunities like this. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

Right now, we think something like this would be a great deal for our Newstalk stations to pursue so if you want to pursue this, let me know and I can work on creating forms for your specific clients. Let’s see what excitement we can build out of this ability and go from there.

This has been John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

Have an awesome week everyone.


John P. Hanlon