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John’s Monday Tip of the Week: Building on a Success Story

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John’s Monday Tip of the Week is quickly approaching its six month anniversary (I remember it when it was just a baby!). I started the tip of the week to share ideas and concepts about new tools you could use and new opportunities you could take advantage of.

Since we started though, sales the idea has really grown with your support and encouragement. It wasn’t only me providing ideas and that leads us to John’s Monday Tip of the Week.

Only a few weeks ago, our Newstalk site in Pittsburgh talked to me about their “Veteran’s Appreciation” page. The idea behind the page was to honor local veterans and show our support for the military while seeking the support of sponsors who supported the idea.

That concept started in Pittsburgh but within 24 hours, our Newstalk station in San Antonio jumped on the idea and they worked with me on their own veteran’s appreciation page. Soon enough, I was contacted about this concept by our Newstalk station in D.C.

They liked the concept so much that they built a page on their Newstalk site using the concept AND then they built a page on their CTT site using the concept AND then they built a page on their Family Talk site using the concept.

The idea started with one station but soon enough, it was featured on FIVE DIFFERENT STATIONS on three different formats. That was an incredible success and we want to build on that success going forward.

Every step of the way, I was contacting management and telling them about this success story and how this concept spread like wildfire.

With that in mind, my tip of the week is simple.

Whenever you have an idea or concept that is working for your station or that could work for our division, let me know. I want to share your success stories using the Monday Tip of the Week so that we can spread success across the division.

The Monday Tip of the Week doesn’t just give me the opportunity to share ideas with your stations. It gives your stations the opportunity to share your success stories with your fellow stations and help our entire company.

When I share your tips, I also include Rodney, Allen, and Dave Santrella to ensure that they know about your great ideas and these incredible success stories so let’s keep that great work going and spread our successes across this division.

This has been John’s Monday Tip of the Week.


John P. Hanlon